Below are links to various consultations the Community Council has been asked to pass on to our community.

New Polling Station Review

Last year, for many of us, elections were held in different polling stations to previously.

The Highland Council has opened up a preliminary consultation on what we thought about the new polling stations.

FCC would like to collate your views over the next few weeks so that FCC can put in a considered response representing the whole area.

Please use our Feedback Form which you could either complete in full, or just as good from the FCC point of view, simply use the questions as a guide and respond to this email with your comments. 

It is important that you tell us which Polling Station you used. It would also be valuable to hear from you even if it is just 'everything fine'.

If you would like to submit your own individual view direct to The Highland Council, the link is here.

Please feedback before our next meeting on Monday 20th November 2017 by sending your response to ferintoshcc30@gmail.com